SWM Management: Global Leaders in Shipping & Finance Expertise

SWM seamlessly blends expert vessel management with astute corporate oversight. Our commercial management team helps to optimize voyages and maximize earnings, while also maintaining close coordination with our clients, board of directors, and additional auditing or accounting services as required. Together, we create valuable insights for our clients.

Our Commercial and Corporate Services

  • Insurance and Legal Support

  • Corporate Due Diligence

  • Managerial Accounting

  • Tanker and Dry Cargo Chartering and Operations

  • Agency Disbursement Accounts and Management

  • Voyage Management and Optimization


We believe a strong partnership must be cultivated through long-term, working experience with our customers and investors. By prioritizing collaborative relationships over mere transactions, we establish a foundation for the future. These partnerships enhance our competitiveness and offer both partners a strategic advantage to achieve success together now and in the future.