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Specializing in product tanker, dry bulker, and offshore cable vessels management.

Monaco-Based Maritime Firm Since 1990

Comprehensive service platform for investors and ship owners to manage investments across all shipping segments.

Proven Management Excellence

In the complex realm of maritime business, successful management demands keen acquisition instincts, deep research insights, adept financial structuring, and robust technical prowess. Our experienced management team maintains a high standard of operations, and a pro-active management strategy consistently achieves positive results for our clients. This approach allows us to optimize returns to investors and retain a solid reputation in the market.

From the intricacies of vessel acquisitions to the precision of financial structuring, our team ensures every aspect of the shipping business is managed with expertise. This dedication not only underscores our commitment to delivering optimal outcomes for stakeholders but also solidifies our standing as a leader in full technical ship management services.

Whether delving into research or overseeing hands-on technical vessel management, our team's extensive experience speaks to our unwavering expertise and reliability.



In response to climate change, we are committed to enhancing energy efficiency, and complying with all environmental requirements. Proactively addressing environmental challenges, we've partnered with Aither Group AG for carbon credit projects and the European Trading Scheme on behalf of our clients in 2021. Additionally, we have initiated projects in reducing overall waste ashore, and continually strive to maximize efficiency in operations. Our ISO certifications (9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018) reflect our commitment to quality, environmental management, and safety for consistent, reliable customer service in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner.


The safety of our crew and staff is of paramount importance to us, and we keep this at the forefront of every operation we undertake. In a world of growing uncertainty, we make efforts to educate, safeguard, and foster a responsible work environment.


We maintain a culture of personal accountability and responsibility, and that means we incorporate our best practices with ethical behaviour and high professional standards. This unwavering commitment not only defines our organizational ethos but also empowers our team to drive positive impact and innovation in every endeavour.