January 18, 2020

Sea World Management manages all Prysmian ships

Prysmian, a Milanese company specialized in the production of cables for applications in the energy and telecommunications sector and optical bers, has chosen to entrust the technical management of its eet of ships to the Monegasque Sea World Management

The latter company made it known by specifying with a note the new partnership with the Prysmian Group. “From February 2020 Sea World Management will manage Prysmian Cables & Systems’ eet of cable laying vessels. We therefore welcome the Giulio Verne, Ulisse and Cable Enterprise units within our eet ”.

These three specialized work units offer great versatility in the realization of projects with installation capacity in deep waters up to 3,000 meters, as well as solutions suitable for shallow waters and close to the coast

Furthermore, in the second quarter of next year, Prysmian will take delivery of a new ship from the shipyards of Vard (Fincantieri Group) which will be renamed Leonardo da Vinci, will cost 170 million and will be the best performing cable laying ship on the market.