January 18, 2021

Prysmian entrusts Sea World Management with the management of its newbuilding too

One year after the signing of the contract for the first 3 cable-laying of the group, the Monegasque company obtains the contract for Leonardo da Vinci, which Vard will deliver by the end of the year.

After having entrusted the Monaco-based company Sea World Management with the technical management of its 3 cable-laying vessels currently in operation, the Italian group Prysmian – active in the supply and installation of submarine cables for the energy and telecommunications sectors – has returned entrust the company led by Roberto Corvetta for another job. Sea World Management has in fact announced to have signed a contract with Prysmian for the management of Leonardo Da Vinci, a unit that the Milan-based group (listed on Piazza Affari Stock Exchange) defines as “the most modern and advanced cable-laying vessel in the world”.

Ordered to Vard, it is scheduled for delivery in the second half of 2021 (the ship currently is located at Fincantieri subsidiary’s plant in Brattvåg, Norway, while its hull was built in Romania). The Leonardo da Vinci, the first unit in its class to be equipped with the retractable thrusters of the Wartsila WST-24R capable of ensuring maximum stability during cable laying operations and reducing the use of space on board, will be able to install cables up to a depth of 3,000 meters, will be equipped with two rotating platforms with capacities of 10,000 and 7,000 tons, and will operate in a market, that of submarine cables, which – according to the latest forecasts – should reach a total turnover by 2025 of $ 26.16 billion thanks to an annual growth rate of over 12%. “The new choice made from Prysmian is great pride to us. On the one hand, it is in fact the recognition of the good work done by our group in the management of the other three specialized units of the group, on the other it is a sort of ‘certification’ for Sea World Management of the technical ability to operate even the most technically complex ships, ensuring the optimization of their functions ”commented Roberto Corvetta, CEO of Sea World Management.

The signing of the Leonardo da Vinci management contract completes the first year of management of the other three Prysmian units in three different operational areas during a period made particularly complex by the pandemic, which highlighted the ability of the Monte Carlo sited company to react with maximum flexibility and elasticity to market stress, identifying and recruiting (under the guidance of Guglielmo Ruggeri, general manager of SWM) professional resources capable of dealing with this emergency situation.

Sea World Management guarantees services from full management to consultancy to various customers managing 21 ships (tankers and bulk carriers in addition to three cable laying ships).