January 18, 2019

LR celebrates signicant milestones in Mexico and Italy

LR’s hard work recognised in Italy

In May, LR was awarded Recognised Organisation status by the Italian flag Administration and is authorised to issue statutory certification on its behalf to all seagoing ships sailing with the Italian flag. To celebrate this significant achievement, LR hosted a range of local customers, both old and new, alongside government oicials in the prestigious British Embassy in Rome in September.

LR’s South Europe Marine & Oshore Manager, Theodosis Stamatellos said during the festivities: “This is a significant milestone in LR’s history of classification. The modern Italian shipbuilding industry started in the 19th century and the fleet has continued to grow significantly during the last century and is now one of the most important in the world in many dierent sectors. Our new RO status demonstrates our wide range of classification, consultancy and technical services to owners who have Italian-flagged ships. LR is now in a stronger position to support existing and potential Italian-flagged shipowner clients.”

As LR will be authorised to work on behalf of the Italian flag Administration, owners of Italian-flagged ships will have the opportunity to work with LR for classification and consultancy services and benefit from our extensive technical expertise.


During the event, LR signed a Marine Management System (MMS) contract with Sea World Management which allows us to carry out MMS audits on behalf of the Italian Flag. Pictured above: Guglielmo Ruggeri, QMS & Marine Department and Chief Engineer Pasquale Meschino, Technical Director of Sea World Management and Sea World Shipping. With Fabio Canesi, LR’s Italian flag account manager; LR’s Marco Novarino, Genoa fleet manager; Elina Papageorgiou, LR’s area sales marketing manager, and Paolo Izzo, LR’s sales marketing manager.

From le to right: Ezio Mesini, Italian Oshore Authority as defined by the EU Oshore Directive, Gianpaolo Dalla Vedova, LR’s Business Development Manager, and Aldo Scopetti, QA/QC Corporate Manager (Rosetti Yard) speaking to Jill Morris.

Mexico: 50 years and beyond

This October marked 50 years of service for LR in Mexico. We celebrated the occasion by hosting a range of our customers and the UK Ambassador, Corin Robertson, for a day of activities in collaboration with the British Embassy in Mexico City. This included a technical seminar about the challenges associated with oshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Last year, LR became the first class society to be awarded RO status by the Mexican Flag, and we are now approved to carry out statutory certifications for Mexican-flagged vessels.

Photo above, right to le: John Hicks (LR’s Americas M&O), British Ambassador to Mexico Corin Robertson, David Clark (LR’s Energy Director) and Cli Muckleroy (LR’s BA&IS Operations Manager, Americas).

What does this 50-year anniversary in Mexico mean for LR?

LR has been operating in Mexico since 1969, providing added-value solutions to our local customers. We have been growing and had a strong local presence in the main cities of Mexico for many years, including Veracruz, Coatzacoalcos, Ciudad del Carmen, Monterrey, Tampico and more recently, we opened a new oice right in the heart of Mexico City. Our 50-year celebration represents a long history of successes and relationships built through the years, specifically where we have adapted to new changes and market trends in the local marine and oshore industries.

Luis Alcala, Business Development Manager for Strategic Oshore Projects and Assets in Mexico