Sea World Management S.A.M.

Sea World Management was set up in February 1990, in Monaco to provide Ship Management expertise to a pool of clients including Ship Investment Companies, Banks and privately held Shipping Companies.

The services offered include:

With a compact management team of experienced shipping professionals, backed up by support staff, Sea World Management have been managing many kinds of vessels mainly Oil and Chemical tankers but also OBOs and Bulk Carries. At present manages a fleet of 10 Oil and Chemical Tankers mainly devoted to the carriage of petroleum n edible products.

With a fleet locked into period charters, Sea World is well poised to meet the immediate and long term challenges that the tanker market has to offer.

Management Structure

With the induction of an efficient system of communications and monitoring Sea World has retained control of its core competency, Technical Management,Commercial Management and Sales and Purchase Consultancy while delegating Crew Management functions to its business partner Davic Ship Management (I )Ltd. Investments in training and systems have enabled Sea World Management to constantly employ fully certified Masters and Chief Engineers to always endure a secure and profitable onboard maintenance.

The Commercial Management team includes an ex Master, ex Chief Engineer, Chartering and Ship Finance specialists.

The tie up with Davic Ship Management ( I )Pvt. Ltd., enables Sea World to tap into a pool of trained professionals to man and technically manage its fleet. Investments in training and systems have enabled Davic Ship Management to grow from a crewing agency to a provider of full Crew Management options to a fleet of over 40 ships over the last 8 years.

The Technical Management team includes ex Masters, Chief Engineers, HRD and IT specialists.

The Employee to Vessel Ratio at Sea World Management S.A.M. is 1.5. This enables close monitoring of the vessel at each stage of its operations thereby ensuring an efficient and safe operating.


During the last 10 years Sea World has broad experience supervising the conversion of three single hull Chemical Tankers into double hull. All the three vessels have gone through the Condition Assessment Program carried out by RINA obtaining Rating 1 in the meantime the vessel have been awarded a conventional age reduction between twelve to fifteen years.

Actually Sea World Management managing n 10 double hull modern tanker vsl's type IMO 3 built between 2001/2006

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